Flowers bloom at the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden

The Rancho Santa Botanic Garden in Claremont, CA is one of my favorite ways to enjoy nature. The variety and beauty of all the plants is obvious from the moment you enter the garden. It spans 86 acres, which means that many different kinds of plants can grow there in different miniature habitats. I could spend hours wandering the trails, because each part of the garden is so different from all the others, that it would take days before I could get bored!

The RSA Botanic Garden is special because it only keeps plants that are a) native to California or b) hybrids of plants native to California. Thus, while each section of the garden is different, all of the plants can be found somewhere in the state of California! It’s amazing how much variation can be found just within one state. The garden contains plants from habitats such as forest, grasslands, deserts, and chaparral.

If you love flowers, I recommend the Cultivar garden section, where researchers have crossed plant breeds in order to produce variations of plants that can withstand the desert drought in Claremont. There are many gorgeous flowering trees there, as well as some flowering bushes, and also a nice garden fountain.

If you wish to see majestic trees, it’s worth a further trek to the back of the garden, where trees from all habitats in California can be found. There are over six sections in the back of the garden, including joshua trees, palm trees, pine trees, and my personal favorite: Boojum trees.

Also, the RSA Botanic Garden just added some new trails to the back section of the garden, making it even easier to get close to nature. The garden is the perfect adventure for a summer day!